Making Animal-Free Dairy Ice Cream

“Ok, but how is it dairy if it is animal-free?”

This is one of the top questions we get asked, so let’s get into it! First things first: animal-free dairy is dairy, just without the cow. Why do we bother to make the distinction? Because Brave Robot contains non-animal whey protein, which is molecularly identical to whey protein from cows - but made through fermentation with zero animals used anywhere in the process. This means that we have a “contains milk allergens” notice on our label to let folks with dairy allergies know that they should treat Brave Robot like they would any other ice cream.

“Ok, but HOW do you make dairy without cows?”

Short answer: SCIENCE!

“Real dairy—real milk—but not from a cow. That’s the promise of Perfect Day’s incredible new fermentation technology that allows the company to use the digital DNA blueprint of cow’s milk (not cows’ DNA, and not any cells taken from an animal) to instruct yeast to create dairy protein. A little more tinkering, and you’ve got yourself actual dairy from a process that never uses or exploits animals whatsoever (plus, this dairy is lactose-, cholesterol-, and hormone-free).” - VegNews

Exactly! And to expand: we use Perfect Day non-animal whey protein to make Brave Robot Ice Cream. Non-animal whey protein is the same whey you’d find in cow’s milk, except zero cows are involved. How?! DNA is two things: a molecule and a type of data. To use an analogy: you can have a paperback book or an e-book, but they’re the exact same words and story - one version is a hard copy, and the other is digitized. The bovine whey protein DNA sequence (stay with us) was digitized in a free open source database (like an e-book!).

That blueprint of the gene sequence (the data) was given to microflora, and then fermented in a tank along with some plant sugars (it’s just like brewing beer!).

The result? A non-animal whey protein. We then use it as an ingredient to make Brave Robot animal-free DAIRY ice cream that’s just as creamy + dreamy as the real thing—and uses less land, water, and energy than dairy production. It’s planet-positive ice cream: all the ooey-gooey tastiest bits of the most indulgent ice creams, made with the creamy, melty, smooth deliciousness you’d expect from dairy. But without animals.

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