Our Story

It all started with a crazy question - “how do we create a world where dairy can be made without cows?” Sure, pea protein is great for some things. But not ice cream. There’s no faking the creamy texture and taste of real dairy.

Our vision is bigger than the freezer aisle, though. We’re on a mission to build a world where the things we consume are made in sensible ways, with less waste, more compassion, and more optimism for the good that humans are capable of. We just happen to make ice cream.

How a Robot Saved the world

Earth Day was rapidly approaching.

A highly evolved robot on a remote planet was concerned about what he saw happening here on Earth: air and water pollution, nature out of balance, the climate changing rapidly. Earth, in short, was in danger.

For all his technological advancement, the robot had also developed empathy for others. He wanted to teach humans how to save themselves and keep the universe healthy. So he pointed his spaceship at Earth, not sure exactly what he was going to do to help, but convinced he was going to make a difference.

Meanwhile, on Earth, a group of smart STEM kids are learning about the effects human consumption has on the earth and animals. At recess, they make a wish on a dandelion, asking for a hero to come and help save the world. Before they blow on the dandelion a breeze from the robot’s spaceship blows the seeds away— and he lands on the playground.

Fearlessly, the kids embrace him and take him into the classroom, where he shares ideas on respecting the environment and inspiring them to change the world (protect soil, fight climate change, conserve water) for future generations of kids. Their enthusiasm, in return, inspires him to create new Earth-friendly solutions using advanced technology.

The brave robot and our hero kids learn they will all need each other in order to make a real difference. And so, their mission to heal the planet begins.