We Are Brave Robot

It all started with an out-of-this-world question:

How could we make dairy without cows?

Sure, oat milk is great for some things. But not ice cream.
There’s no faking the creamy taste and texture of real dairy.
Plus, most humans can’t digest lactose, so we made it lactose-free for more to enjoy.

Our vision is bigger than the freezer aisle though. We’re on a mission

to create a world where the products we consume are made with:




for the good that humans are capable of

We just happen to make ice cream

We often get asked...

What kind of name is brave robot?!

Brave came from a remote planet, concerned about
what is happening on Earth—air and water pollution,
nature out of balance, and the climate changing rapidly.

Brave joins us to help teach in ways of creating
the foods we love that are more compassionate.

Here's to taking brave steps to make
our world a kinder, greener one.