A little ice cream story … not about cows.

In a time when every little bit of help for the planet matters, we made an animal-free ice cream that helps the planet out a little bit. Meaning, it’s not just good, it’s something you can feel good about eating.

It also uses less land, energy and water than any treat in the ice cream aisle. So, while we know we’ll never sell enough Brave Robot to fix the world. (That’s 42,458,962,157 pints… we checked) We think Brave Robot is a pretty good way to help out.

Because, if we all do a little more, we can make our world just a little bit better.

Now isn’t that delicious?

  • Life is meant to be enjoyed. So eat it up.
  • Animal-free dairy is the future of ice cream, it has to be.
  • Even ice cream has a responsibility
  • Delicious tasting ice cream doesn’t need to use animals to make it delicious.

We're small right now,
but we're thinking big.

It’s always the little guys that change things for the better anyways.
While we can’t make our product without some of the systems we ultimately want to change — like a fleet of diesel trucks delivering products to stores — we still decided to ask some questions.

For instance, do we really need to use petroleum products to make sure the cup is leak-proof?
You’ve probably never asked this, but if you did, you’d find that the answer is no. A lot of ice cream containers use leak-proof liners derived from petroleum products, but our liner is derived from sugarcane — a renewable resource that also makes much more sense in an ice cream cup.

Can we use less material when designing a package?
The truth here is that we can use a little less, but we’re still working on it. One of the things we tried to do here was not only use paper from trees which have been sustainably harvested, but we also used the least amount of color ink possible on our packaging. We wanted to make sure we were getting your attention, but without using more ink than we needed to. Sure it’s a little thing, but every little bit matters, right?

Do you need to put all these details on your website?
Probably not. But, we’d rather be open about what we’re doing, even if it’s not perfect… yet.

Do you have a phone number?
Yep! 1-833-479-1255.

And email?
That too! hi@braverobot.co