Our deliciously smart dairy makes our ice cream deliciously smarter.
(try and say that 10 times fast)

Brave Robot is made with one-of-a-kind, animal-free whey protein, which means our ice cream isn’t just animal-free, it’s animal-free delicious.

Think of it this way. We’re not using “alternative” ingredients like soy and trying to make it taste like dairy, we’re using a new, next generation approach to making dairy itself. A smart, guided-by-nature approach, that uses plant sugars and some old-fashioned fermentation to churn out whey protein without the cow.

The really smart piece here is the way we make Brave Robot means you get all the deliciousness you’d expect from ice cream without the impact on the climate or animals. Our ice cream doesn’t just taste great. It’s great for our planet.

We get it! It seems impossible! But, it’s very much true, science is amazing! Email us at hi@braverobot.co if you’d like to learn more!