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What is animal-free dairy?

Animal-free dairy is made without animal inputs. The non-animal whey protein is identical to what’s in cow's milk, but made without using a single animal in the process. Animal-free dairy is vegan (as are all the other ingredients we use in our products!).

Why do we use animal-free dairy?

We’re big fans of this animal-free dairy protein because it ensures you get all the creamy, delicious taste and texture of ice cream, without animals, and less impact on the earth than anything else in the ice cream aisle.

How is your ice cream made?

SCIENCE! We use Perfect Day non-animal whey protein to make Brave Robot Ice Cream. Non-animal whey protein is the same whey you’d find in cow’s milk, except zero cows are involved. How?! The bovine whey protein gene (stay with us) was digitized in an open source database (like an e-book!). Microflora are given the blueprint of the gene sequence, and then fermented in a tank along with some plant sugars (it’s just like brewing beer!).

The result? A non-animal whey protein. We then use it to make Brave Robot animal-free DAIRY ice cream that’s just as creamy + dreamy as the real thing—and uses less land, water, and energy than dairy production. It’s planet-positive ice cream.

How is that animal-free?

Brave Robot does not contain any animal inputs, but does contain milk protein. It’s a paradox! The FDA requires a declaration of milk proteins because the animal-free whey protein is molecularly identical to whey protein that comes from cows. We encourage ice cream eaters who have a milk protein allergy to use the same precautions with Brave Robot that they would take with dairy. (But, reminder - Brave Robot is gloriously lactose free!)

So this ice cream didn't come from a cow. Can you call it dairy?

Great question! The FDA requires a declaration of milk proteins as the non-animal whey protein is molecularly identical to dairy protein. However, the animal-free dairy protein is produced WITHOUT the use of animals, and with zero compromise on taste and nutrition.

Do your products use GMOs?

Brave Robot products do not contain GMOs. The Perfect Day non-animal whey protein we use to make our ice cream and cake mix comes from microflora, which produce different kinds of protein naturally. The microflora are given the genetic instructions for creating whey protein and go through a fermentation process along with some plant sugars (just like brewing beer!). Afterwards, the modified microflora is filtered out, leaving only pure, non-animal whey protein. In other words, genetic engineering is part of the Perfect Day process (think of the microflora as mini protein factories), but no GMOs are present in the resulting non-animal whey protein we use to make our ice cream and cake mix.

Why is Brave Robot better for the planet?

Pint for pint, compared to traditional dairy ice cream, Brave Robot reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 72% and uses 60% less energy and 23% less water. That's the equivalent of 360,000 gallons of fuel, enough to drive around the circumference of the earth 80 times. Learn more about our Life Cycle Assessment here.

Where can I purchase Brave Robot?

You can see if Brave Robot is available in stores near you HERE

Are your products kosher?

Yes! Brave Robot products are certified OU-D Kosher.

Is your palm oil sustainably sourced?

We use sustainably sourced palm oil in two of our flavor inclusions (Buttery Pecan and Raspberry White Truffle); all other flavors are palm oil free. It is RSPO certified, which is the global standard for sustainable palm oil. Check out RSPO’s site here for more information!

Is your ice cream tested on animals?

Our ice cream is not tested on animals.

Is your cake mix animal-free?

Yes! Climate Hero Super Cake mix is vegan-friendly and made without any animal ingredients. The same animal-free milk protein that makes our ice cream so creamy is what makes our cake mix tender and light, AND it replaces the equivalent of three eggs.

How do I compost my Climate Hero Super Cake mix bag?

We encourage customers to include our products in their home compost. Our compostable packaging is made from sustainably-sourced wood
cellulose and other bio-based resins. It will decompose in a reasonable time and is non-toxic, resulting in healthy compost to regenerate the soil.

Due to differences in climate and individual home compost bins, time to decompose may vary. The speed and efficacy of composting are largely determined by factors such as: local climate, season, carbon-nitrogen mix, and air circulation.

These compostable pouches are vegan, non-GMO, and are not made with PLA. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), PFAS, or phthalates.


I'm lactose-intolerant. Can I eat Brave Robot products?

Brave Robot is lactose free! Lactose and whey are both present in cow’s milk, but the non-animal whey protein ingredient we use is produced through fermentation and is not derived from cow’s milk.

I have a milk allergy! Can I eat your products?

Brave Robot is animal-free, lactose free, hormone free and cruelty free – but not dairy free. The non-animal whey protein we use is molecularly identical to whey protein from cow’s milk, so we encourage consumers who have a milk protein allergy to take the same precautions they would take with dairy.

Are your products certified gluten free?

Brave Robot products are not certified gluten free. Our production facility does have allergen programs in place to prevent cross-contamination.

Our cake mix contains wheat. Only our Vanilla 'N Cookies, Blueberry Pie and Buttery Pecan ice cream flavors contain gluten ingredients and are labeled with the FDA allergen declaration. You can find additional information on our ingredients here! https://braverobot.co/collections/flavors/


When will my order ship?

We ship orders Monday-Thursday via Fedex 2-day ground shipping in the contiguous US. We estimate that your order will ship from our warehouse within 5 business days of the order being placed. We’ll send tracking when it’s on the way!

What's your return policy?

All sales are final. If your ice cream doesn’t arrive frozen, we’ll reship the order at our cost. Have a question? Contact hi@braverobot.co

Can I modify my order once it's been placed?

We're unable to modify your order for you once it's been processed. If you have a question about an order, please email us at hi@braverobot.co!

Can I order in bulk or wholesale?

Please shoot us an email at hi@braverobot.co to learn more!

Why do cake mix and ice cream ship separately?

We wish we could ship these together too! You can order both products in the same order, but note they will ship separately from two different facilities as we are unable to ship our Climate Hero Super Cake mix in a box with dry ice.