A shot of acres and acres of luscious green farmland

Why Animal-Free?

Compared to traditional dairy ice cream, Brave Robot ice cream reduces:

Greenhouse gas emissions by


Non-renewable energy by


Blue water consumption by


*Compared to ice cream made through conventional dairy production methods. Data from ISO-certified, third-party-validated report.

If US consumers switched from animal dairy ice cream to Brave Robot animal-free dairy ice cream for one year, we'd save the equivalent of...

cars driving on a freeway towards a bright orb of galaxy light
Emissions from 1,854,348 cars on the road
olympic sized pool against a cloudy galaxy background
Blue water from 27,876 Olympic swimming pools
San Francisco style townhomes stacked on a hill against a cloudy galaxy background
Non-renewable energy from 3,351 households
3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls peeking out of a brave robot cup against a galaxy backdrop

Real Dairy. No Cows. No Kidding.

It isn’t like dairy, it is dairy. Just made without animals. We use milk protein from precision fermentation to bring you all of the taste and texture of dairy with none of the animal impacts.