Sustainable Packaging

Pints for the Planet (because every day is Earth Day 🐝🌎🐄🌈)

Thanks to the power of science and nature, we can indulge in a far better ice cream experience. Join the movement towards a more delicious, sustainable future.

Kind Packaging
  • Sustainably sourced Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified Container
  • Sugarcane-derived, petroleum-free liner
Made With Perfect Day

The production of Perfect Day’s animal-free dairy protein produces up to 97% fewer greenhouse gas emissions 1 than traditional dairy production methods, and we’re proud to use it in our ice cream.

A Commitment to Less Impact

We're measuring the greenhouse gas impact per pint in an ongoing life cycle analysis. Currently at 0.76kgC02e 2 per pint, we’re working towards making the world’s best tasting, most sustainable ice cream.

One free pint on us! 🌎🍦✌️

Your first pint of Brave Robot Ice Cream is on us. We don’t mean to sound braggy, but if you try us – we know you’ll love us so please enjoy 100% cow-free deliciousness 100% free.

Here’s how it works. Just sign up to the right and upload a picture of your receipt for Brave Robot Ice Cream from your local grocery store and we’ll reimburse you for the cost of 1 pint, directly into your Venmo or Paypal account, subject to our One Free Pint Promotion Terms.

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Limited one pint per person | Currently only available in the US, while supplies last. Subject to change or discontinuation at any time, at our sole discretion, per our subject to our One Free Pint Promotion Terms
  1. ISO-certified, third party validated life cycle assessment from WSP on behalf of Perfect Day
  2. Average across all flavors, based on Independent Life Cycle Analysis (Source: The Urgent Company)
  3. Learn about EPA Greenhouse Equivalencies