The Process Behind the Magic

3 scoops of chocolate ice cream peeking out of a brave robot pint against a monochrome background

Our dairy products are made with animal-free milk protein from our ingredient partners at Perfect Day. The milk protein gives our ice cream the same taste and texture of traditional dairy with no lactose and a fraction of the environmental impact (plus no animals used means no animals harmed!).

Instead of milking cows, Perfect Day uses a process called precision fermentation to create milk proteins from microflora (like yeast) and plants. The precision fermentation process looks a lot like the fermentation process used to make kombucha or beer, and the output is pure milk protein – no lactose, no hormones, no antibiotics. It’s dairy, made better.

So the million dollar question β€” How is it possible to make milk protein without animals? The answer: precision fermentation.

diagram of microflora


Perfect Day selects microflora, like yeast, and encodes them with the DNA sequence for whey protein. (They get the sequence from an open source database online – just like downloading an ebook!)

row of metal fermentation tanks


The microflora are placed in a fermentation tank (just like brewing beer) along with water and plant sugars to ferment.

milk splashing around in the air

Milk Protein

As they ferment, the microflora produce milk proteins identical to milk protein from a cow. Perfect Day filters the milk protein out from the microflora, and the result is pure milk protein, made with zero animals.

Why animal-free?

So you can enjoy all the creamy deliciousness of dairy with no lactose, no animals harmed, and a fraction of the environmental impact.