Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk
Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk
Brave Robot Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk ice cream. Animal-free dairy ice cream made with non-animal whey protein by Perfect Day. Brave Robot ice cream is lactose-free, animal-free, and cholesterol-free. Our ice creams are friendlier to the planet and to the animals.
Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

We're gonna go out on a hazelnut tree limb and guess you've never seen a hazelnut tree before. Because if you had then you'd know it only grows out of dark chocolate chunks. Kidding of course, but if you ever try our delicious, creamy hazelnut with dark chocolate chunks flavor you'll understand how this was a match made in heaven. Or a hazelnut tree.
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planet-friendly ice cream

  • 72% fewer emissions

  • 61% Less Non-Renewable Energy

  • 23% less water

*Compared to ice cream made through conventional dairy production methods. Data from ISO-certified, third-party-validated report.


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