Love Your Mother

Love Your Mother


Meet the “Love Your Mother” 8 pack. Mom gets all 8 flavors, but you only pay for 4  🙌. This year, treat Mom to her very own supply of Animal-Free, Lactose-Free, Planet-Positive Ice Cream. We love our Mother Ocean too, so $5 from each order will be donated to Surfrider Foundation in support of their efforts to protect our coastlines.  Order before May 5th so it reaches mama in time for her day.

What’s in the box?

A Lot of Chocolate

What’s better than chocolate? More chocolate. And our chocolate with fudge swirls & dark chocolate chunks flavor couldn't agree more.

Blueberry Pie

Blueberry Pie made into an ice cream. So, it’s colder. But just as delicious. (Oh, and graham crackers.) 

Buttery Pecan

Fresh-baked praline pecan pies cooling on the window sill, but creamier. 

PB N Fudge

If peanut butter asked fudge to go to the ice cream dance. Our vanilla with peanut butter swirl and fudge ripples is a creamy, delicious dance of flavors. (Cheesy, but accurate.)

Raspberry White Truffle

A flavor so rich in raspberry and white chocolate chunks, it has offshore accounts in the Caribbean.

Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

A match made in heaven, if you like hazelnuts. But if you like that one brand of chocolate hazelnut spread, trust us on this one.


Vanilla ice cream that tastes like (you guessed it) yummy vanilla ice cream - but no cows!

Vanilla ‘N Cookie 

You didn’t think we’d create a whole new category of animal-free dairy ice cream and not invite vanilla with chocolate cookies to the party, right?

Shipping Costs
Shipping ice cream all over the country is tricky business, especially right now.

We're only charging $5.99 a pint, but all the shipping stuff makes the costs go way up. So, let's make a deal. We’d love for you to purchase our ice cream and if you send us a picture of you asking your grocery manager to stock Brave Robot in their store and we'll refund the shipping costs.

To learn more about how we’re shipping ice cream visit our FAQ page here.

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