For the Future Flavor Pack | Vote 2020!

For the Future (4 pack)

The future of ice cream, supporting future scientists, for the future of the planet. Preorder now for the delivery week of 10/26

Hey there,

Let’s face it, it’s been a pretty stressful year. So, we’ve put together a little emotional support pack to help get you through. And, since we strongly believe the benefits of science, we’re going to be supporting future scientists, too.

How it works in 4 steps:
  1. Pre-order now, and we’ll send you an emotional support pack including 4 pints for election week.
  2. We’ll send you a notification when the frozen deliciousness ships, so you don’t miss it.
  3. Each kit includes two For the Future flavors, so you can celebrate or commiserate with a friend.
  4. And since you’re supporting Brave Robot’s future, we’re donating all shipping costs and proceeds to support the next generation of scientists who will support the actual future.
For the Future (4 pack)

For the Future (4 pack)

2 Vote For the Future pints, A Lot of Chocolate, Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

Vote For the Future limited edition pint

Celebrate the potential of the future with a pint of deliciousness never seen before (at least as far as we know) — creamy vanilla with sweet fudge caramel swirls and crunchy shortbread cookie chunks on top, for that added future bonus.

Hazelnut Chocolate Chunk

A match made in heaven, if you like hazelnuts. And if you like that one brand of chocolate hazelnut spread, you can trust us on this one.

A Lot of Chocolate

What’s better than chocolate? More chocolate. And our chocolate with fudge swirls & dark chocolate chunk flavor couldn't agree more.

Shipping Costs
Shipping ice cream all over the country is tricky business, especially right now.

We're only charging $5.99 a pint, but all the shipping stuff makes the costs go way up. So, let's make a deal. We’d love for you to purchase our ice cream and if you send us a picture of you asking your grocery manager to stock Brave Robot in their store and we'll refund the shipping costs.

To learn more about how we’re shipping ice cream visit our FAQ page here.

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