six brave robot ice cream pints stacked against a rainbow background

Ice Cream, Made Better

  • Sustainable


  • Lactose-free


  • Cruelty-free


planet-friendly ice cream

  • 72% fewer emissions

  • 61% less Non-Renewable Energy

  • 23% less water

*Compared to ice cream made through conventional dairy production methods. Data from ISO-conformant, critically reviewed LCA.

3 scoops of vanilla ice cream with chocolate swirls peeking out of a brave robot cup against a galaxy backdrop

Real Dairy. No Cows. No Kidding.

We use milk protein made through precision fermentation instead of animals to bring you all of the taste and texture of dairy with none of the animal impacts.

A girl in a striped dress holds a cone of dripping ice cream against her back

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Meet Brave Robot

We are ice cream enthusiasts passionate about making the world a kinder, greener, more delicious place.